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An online casino with a name RajBet is gaining more and more popularity. A free RajBet apk download option allows players to start playing right from their mobile devices. RajBet offers a great variety of games and betting options for everyone who loves this type of activity and wants to earn real money while having a great time.

rajbet mobile app

What sets this casino apart from many other online casinos is that it did not try to spread itself thin and meet the desires and needs of all the players around the world. Initially, RajBet focused specifically on India and what its population is looking for in a service like this. Later, it expanded its services to Uzbekistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Not all casinos offer mobile applications for installation on a customer’s mobile phone. A RajBet app is a portal for modern gamblers who appreciate the casino not for a fancy design, but the variety of games, convenience, and fair payouts. When it comes to games available to everyone, the list includes numerous live games, such as Blackjack and Teen Patti, as well as regular table games, lotto, card games and more.

It is also worth noting that the customers can use not only an email and live chat to get in touch with the support team but also a local phone number. Moreover, despite the fact that this online casino is relatively young, it takes responsible gaming and fair play seriously. The wide array of games available to the players as well as the games from respected game providers is another proof that one can trust RajBet.



Large selection of games, including live games

Available only in a few countries

Live chat support in English and Hindi 24/7

Not very favorable bonus rules

High withdrawal limit

Relatively new (2020)

Multiple deposit methods

Great RajBet app for mobile devices

Multiple generous bonuses

Instant deposits

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How to download RajBet App on Android

Many RajBet fans and potential users are wondering if it offers an option to have access to the gambling website and sportsbook via their mobile devices. This company has recognized the importance of meeting the requirements of modern casino visitors and betting enthusiasts, as they prefer flexibility and value convenience, and has taken care of this issue.

download rajbet app

Customers can get RajBet apk on their Android phones and appreciate the same experience as desktop users. It has exactly the same functionality as the PC version of the gambling platform. A good thing worth noting is that the app does not lag, which is important for individuals who are interested in participating in live events.

This shows just how much RajBet is caring about each and every player. It has set a goal to be one of the leading bookmakers and they will surely get there. The online gambling industry has become one great app richer, while the enthusiast acquired a convenient and truly incredible way to earn extra money. It makes it easy to join this exciting world because a phone is your door to that world.

How to install RajBet App on Android

The process of getting the RajBet app should not take much of your time. Do not try searching for it in the Play Store, but visit the official bookmaker’s website instead via a mobile browser. Once the page loads, the visitor is inquired about an option to add the website to the homepage right on the phone. Agreeing will allow you to get an icon on your home screen for a quick access of the RajBet.

rajbet apk

Common issues that might prevent you from having a great experience on the casino’s website from your phone are a bad internet connection and not sufficient memory space. Getting the latest updates on your device or simply restarting it can also do the trick.

Once the RajBet apk file is on your phone, RajBet makes it easy as the whole installation is automated. You will know that you can start using RajBet when a new icon will be added to your device. Now, your phone is all set, so you can register, if you haven’t done so yet, and start making some money.

How to download RajBet App on iOS

Modern users live with a smartphone in their hands and are unlikely to give up the convenience of this device when playing online casinos. This is where the growing popularity of mobile casino apps comes from. Mobile applications allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game, once again not being distracted from the process by other tabs and programs, while still feeling the atmosphere of a standard online casino.

A few years ago, mobile casinos were a new phenomenon, which, however, quickly gained momentum. If an Android phone or PC are not your choices, but you still prefer to use the RajBet app, no worries. Your ability to enjoy this platform does not change simply because you have an iOS device. In fact, the process for getting the application is very similar to the one described for Android phones.

There are many advantages to accessing RajBet directly from your phone. The players, for instance, always have the application with them. An icon on the home screen allows to place a bet or spin a wheel without searching for the website and bookmarking the URL of the casino. Quick login to the online casino system, convenient format, and intuitive interface for playing on a small device screen are the main reasons customers prefer to use the app.

How to install RajBet Mobile App on iOS

The mobile app of this bookmaker is not published in the Apple store. The official website, which can be accessed using any browser on your phone without the whole RajBet download process. The user is not requested to enter any information or click any buttons to start using this website version, which is adjusted for mobile devices.

RajBet designed all the sections and functions in such a way that they are conveniently placed for the mobile customers. If you are used to playing from your PC, you will have an easy time switching to a mobile version.

Typically, the users do not need to take any other steps besides registering, and picking a game to play. However, in some cases, one might experience undesired issues. The most common reasons are a weak internet connection and lack of sufficient free memory. Others find that a simple restarting helps to solve the issues and successfully start placing bets and playing casino games. Customer support can give tips on how to get the best out of the platform.

Sports Betting

In addition to all the games, the RajBet app gives access to placing bets on a large list of sports. This activity has been very popular for a long time, and the latest live betting technologies have made it accessible to anyone, no matter where they are.

The Sports page on the website is colorful and shows a lot of useful information and links. The Sports Highlights section is presented in the center of the page. It provides a link to betting on currently the most popular games and shows other promotions. You can also easily go to the Schedule tab and see which games are to be played in the near future. The information is given in a very convenient way and navigation can be done on an intuitive level.

There is also a separate section in the RajBet app that shows the user’s current bets and all the relative information on every bet the user has ever placed, including won and lost bets, cashed out as well as canceled bets. It is also easy to find a sport you would like to bet on. They can be categorized by the most popular ones as well as listed in alphabetical order. Users can also type the game they are interested in the search bar. Moreover, RajBet allows users to save their favorite games for quick navigation in the future.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a team sport with a huge number of fans. This is primarily due to the high popularity of cricket in India, where the population exceeds a billion people. Thanks to Indian fans, according to some reports, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. Matches take place all year round and the betting possibilities are virtually unlimited.

If you are a fan of cricket and know all the rules but cannot play real games, you can feel the same level of adrenaline through cricket betting. RajBet allows fans to have access to live betting. The Cricket page shows all the games, including international and local games. There is a section on live matches and upcoming matches, which can be sorted based on the time when the game starts.

RajBet Registration

There are many casino and betting apps to choose from and if you decided to go with RajBet, you would need to go through registration first. The official website makes it easy to do this as a bright yellow button is located in the typical place – the upper right corner.

The registration steps are very typical and require new customers to provide basic information about themselves. You can also use your social media accounts to speed up the process. The casino offers a registration bonus, which is 1000 free spins.

When creating an account, it is important to remember the following points:

  • Players must be older than eighteen years of age.
  • A real email should be entered as it will be used to identify a user through the RajBet app without a possibility to edit it in the future.
  • You can create only one account per person.
  • If you forget your login credentials, you can ask the support for help via any of the available channels and they will assist with regaining account access.

An email confirmation is required for the registration completion. After that, you can start place the bets or enter games of your choice.

First Deposit Bonus

RajBet has a whole Bonuses section where anyone can review the various promotions and up-to-date details on each. Among them, RajBet provides a good incentive to get RajBet apk, register, and deposit the money to launch the games. On top of the registration bonus, there is a very attractive first deposit enticement. It is a perfect opportunity for those who just want to try this type of activity, but do not want or have an opportunity to invest a large sum right away.

Every player who puts some money into their account will get 50% of the amount they deposit on top. The maximum amount that the bonus is effective on is 125,000 INR. So, if you deposit 10,000 rupees, your balance will show 15,000 rupees. There’s more! The casino will gift 125 spins and every spin is 8 rupees. If you compare it with the offers of competitors, this is a pretty good deal.

If you decide to take advantage of the bonuses or promotions at any casino, then thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions even before you proceed to the RajBet apk download. There are typically many rules that players have to follow before they can receive the full benefit of the promotions.

How to make a deposit

RajBet makes it easy for players to have some money on the balance to be able to play. Follow these steps to top up your account:

  1. Open your RajBet app and enter your account credentials.
  2. Once logged in, find a green stack of money in the upper right corner.
  3. On the new screen click the Deposit.
  4. Enter all the requested information in the form that pops up, including how much you want to add to your starting balance (RajBet requires that players deposit at least 500 rupees), your name, and contact details. You can also decide if you would like to RajBet to give you a bonus and pick the one you would like to receive.
  5. Next, click buy and choose how you want to pay. It can be either a bank transfer or a UPI. For the net banking option, choose a bank from the top choices or find your bank in the dropdown menu, click Pay button to proceed with the payment on the bank's website. If you already have a UPI app and want to use it to make the payment, then pick the corresponding app link from the RajBet account, enter the address of unified payments interface, and complete the payment.

Customers should see a balance in the RajBet app wallet go up shortly.

FAQ RajBet App

RajBet is a relatively young online casino as it has been present in India only since 2020. Nonetheless, being on the market for more than a year and offering games from leading providers means that this online casino is worth consideration as it has maintained the trust of its players.

RajBet is legal to play in India and other countries the casino operates in. The Government of Curacao has licensed it to operate legally. It has to adhere to the regulations of the Gaming Authority of Curacao.

Users can get a RajBet apk for their Android phones without any charge. A free mobile website version for the devices running iOS is also developed.

There are many bonuses and promotions, including registration and first deposit bonuses, live games welcome bonuses, as well as fun bonuses. More information on all the available promotions can be checked out on the Bonuses page on the official website.

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