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Lotto247 is one of the most popular online lottery sites internationally. Lotto247 was founded in 2004 by the organization Secure View Services Limited, immediately after that the online lottery received a license from the Curacao Commission. This means a guarantee of reliability and good treatment of their customers.

lotto247 mobile app

Thousands of players from all over the world, including from India, have keen on that lottery. Although there is no Lotto247 India website yet, but the developers have added the ability to change the language to Hindi. This innovation is very convenient for Indian players, but we still hope that an official Indian website will appear soon.

Not so long ago, the online lottery had its own app. Lotto247 app is available on both Android and iOS. We conducted a detailed review and made an independent assessment based on three criteria:

  • Comfortable
  • Design
  • Functionality

We downloaded app and found that it fully meets the needs of the players in terms of comfort. The application is translated into many different languages and is not loaded with unnecessary information. The Quick Access toolbar makes it easier to navigate to sections.

The design of Lotto247 app is also quite good. It reflects the uniqueness of the official website. The app is made in white, orange and cyan colors, which is very pleasing to the eye. The app also contains colorful pictures that indicate the meaning of the information. This allows you not to waste time reading the headlines and immediately go to the needful section.

The functionality of app is the same as on the website. You can easily make deposits, withdraws, play online casinos and lotteries without opening the website. The advantage of the app over the site is that you can set up push notifications and be the first to learn about the latest news and new promotions.

All technical specifications are listed in the table below:

File size

Less than 100 Mb


Hindi, English, Russian, French and +3

Supported OS

Android, iOS




Android version 4.0+

iOS version 12.2+

Availability on Google play


Availability on App Store


It's worth noting that the app isn't full-fledged and is at the stage of development. But we certainly give a positive assessment to the online lottery app and recommend downloading it. Lotto247 will become a favorite for those who like lotteries and casinos, because it offers a wide variety of available games and tickets.

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How to download Lotto247 App on Android

Since the ability to use the app appeared not so long ago, and isn't yet available on Google Play, you may have some problems finding it. Now there is no need to worry, we have found this application, and now you can download it on our website.

download lotto247 app

To do this is quite simple, you just need to follow a small instruction:

  1. In the search on our website or on the page, find Lotto247, go to the download page, where you'll be offered to choose an OS;
  2. Choose Android and download Lotto247 APK to your device;
  3. Wait for the download. Now you have Lotto247 APK.

How to install Lotto247 App on Android

But due to the possible limitations of the phone, it may happen that you'll not have access to the app. If you want to install Lotto247 APK, but you encounter an installation error, this instruction is for you.

lotto247 apk

Remember that instructions may vary depending on the Android version, but the logic is the same.

  1. Click on the installation package. You will be prompted to go to Settings. If this does not appear, go to the Settings yourself;
  2. Select Security;
  3. In the Installation from unknown sources item, enable the possibility of such an installation. Done!

How to download Lotto247 App on iOS

For iOS, you can download the same app, which will not differ from Android. Follow the same simple instructions and download free app right now:

  1. Go to the search and find Lotto247, go to the download page;
  2. Select download for iOS;
  3. Wait for Lotto247 app download. Now proceed to the installation.

How to install Lotto247 Mobile App on iOS

Many iOS users who haven't previously encountered the installation problem experience significant difficulties when installing apps from our site on their iPhone or iPad. If you encounter such a problem after Lotto247 download, refer to the instructions below:

  1. Click on the app. You'll be given a warning by Untrusted Interprise Developer. Below you will find "iPhone Distribution: ..." The name after the colon is the name of the developer. Remember it;
  2. Go to Settings, then to General;
  3. Click on Profiles & Device Management, find the developer's name in the Interprise App section and click on it;
  4. Click on Verify App and allow the device to open app. Done!

Online Casino in Lotto247

Lotto247 differs from standard online lotteries and offers a casino section that is given special attention. It has many different modes such as Slots, Live Casino, Bingo and Table Games. All of them are unique and are very popular with many players

Here at the casino you can find not only the usual roulette and poker, but also funny Bingo games, such as Fishmania, Wild Rocks or even La Catrina.

Today you can find more than 300 games in the casino section. This may seem like a small number for experienced players who have seen a lot of online casinos, but each Lotto247 game is unique and has its own rules

So, for example, take at first glance two similar games - Multihand Blackjack and American Blackjack. Multihand mode allows you to play up to 5 hands at once, which significantly changes the mechanics of the game, whereas in American Blackjack the game is played with one hand. But in this case, there is no need to play your hand first, and in case of loss, there is an opportunity to receive an insurance payout.

Do not forget that you can play in the casino section by Lotto247 app. In the app you can play not only casino games, but also raffle large lottery tickets from international Euromillions and Powerball. If you are a gambler from India and are fond of not only casinos, but also sports bookmakers, we recommend you to read our reviews on the most popular cricket betting apps.

Live Casino

Let's take a closer look at the Live Casino section in Lotto247 app. The unique games of this mode were loved by players from all over the world, as their introduction was a real discovery for fans of the classic casino.

Live Casino is a type of online gambling in which a live dealer participates in the game. Professional croupiers themselves perform game actions that do not depend on the program. This will be an excellent solution for those players who do not really trust online gambling software and are afraid of "twisting" numbers.

How does Live Casino work? Professional croupiers themselves conduct the game live from a special studio or a real casino. Players can follow the live broadcast, place bets in real mode and communicate directly with the dealer. The ability to communicate with the presenter eliminates the common myths that a pre-filmed video can be played in an online casino.

There are often three famous games in Live Casino, which Lotto247 app also has. Such games are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

In the catalog of Lotto247 games there are not only such classics, but also Monopoly, Poker and a series of Lucky games. In total, there are more than 30 different games in the section, all of which differ from each other in one way or another. Live Casino games will become not only a way for the user to earn good money, but also to have fun enjoying the company of real people, as in a real casino.

Lotto247 Registration

Unlike other companies, Lotto247 greatly simplifies the registration process, because it values the time of its players. Do not forget that any gambling games and bets are available only for adults. But you no longer need to endlessly confirm your identity for each request - just one document is enough.

To register, follow the instructions below step by step:

  1. In Lotto247 app, move to the official website and click on orange Register button at the top of the screen
  2. Enter the following personal information: Title, First and Last name, Date of birth, Address, City/Town, Zip/Postal Code, Country of Residence, State, Mobile Number, Email and Password
  3. When coming up with a Password, consider the requirements: the password must be from 8 to 30 characters long, contain at least one digit, one letter in capital and small case and one special character.

At the initial stage of registration, you can not resort to confirming your identity. You can make deposits and play without it, but be prepared for the fact that you will need to confirm personal data for withdrawal. You should not worry, because confidential policy of Lotto247 doesn't allow the company to disclose your personal information.

Lotto247 Bonus

The bonus system in Lotto247 app allows players from all over the world to use their opportunities to the maximum in casino games. Lotto247 doesn't have the best, but definitely good bonuses available to every player. We will look at some of these bonuses in our review:

  • Registration Bonus. This is the very first bonus that is available to all new players. Make your first deposit in the amount of 8 to 200 euros and get 50% bonuses for a successful casino and lottery game
  • Cashback. In addition to the first deposit, you can also get a 50% refund. Together with the registration bonus, this is as much as 100% of the bonuses that will allow you to recoup well. There are three types of promotions in total: direct, multi-level and phased cashback.
  • Discounts. Lotto247 constantly has new promotions, and discounts are no exception. The discount can be either 10% or 50%. Online casinos have discounts on the website and discounts at the checkout.
  • Moneyback. During the Moneyback promotion, you can get a percentage of the funds invested in the deposit back. If Lotto247 has entered 20% Moneyback, then you will get 20% of the money spent on the bonus account back.
  • Wager/Get. How does this promotion work? You may be notified that if you play certain games at the minimum bid offered, the bonus funds will be returned to your account. You will receive a reward on a certain date, since the promotion is staged.

Play Lotto247 app to fully expand your capabilities and regularly place the best bets in casino games for bonus money.

How to make a deposit

Since 2021, Lotto247 has introduced deposit methods that are convenient for many players from different countries. These include payment methods such as Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill and others. But in this review we'll talk with you about the most convenient ways to deposit with a minimum commission. You can see in the table below the minimum and maximum deposits for the payment methods that will be discussed today. Keep in mind that the data in the table may be changed due to the pricing policy of the Lotto247 app.

Payment system















Bitcoin is one of the most popular payment systems internationally. It is used by players from all over the world. The only disadvantage of transactions via Bitcoin is that it has higher minimum deposit requirements. Accordingly, small amounts cannot be deposited to your account via Bitcoin. To make a deposit with Bitcoin, you need to:

  1. Choose Bitcoin as a payment method;
  2. Enter the required amount and click continue. You will be redirected to the QR-blockchain;
  3. Within half an hour, deposit the required amount, or the payment will be canceled.

UPI is most suitable for users from India, because it is the most common payment method for them. UPI has a small commission, and the payment can be made in Indian rupees. To make a deposit, you need to:

  1. Choose UPI as the payment method;
  2. Enter the required amount and continue. You will be redirected to a page where you will need to enter the UPI address within 6 minutes;
  3. After that, you will be redirected to the confirmation page, where you need to confirm the payment within 5 minutes;
  4. Finally, open the UPI app and enter MPIN. Confirm the payment.

Scrill is one of the safest and most accessible methods for making deposits. Its commission is small, and it is suitable for all users. But a minor drawback is that you need to constantly replenish your Skrill gaming account. You will not be able to top up your Lotto247 wallet from a non-gaming account.

  1. Register by following all the instructions if you don't have a Scrill;
  2. Top up your Scrill gaming account. The money will be credited to your balance soon.

AstroPay is a virtual bank card that allows you to make payments quickly and anonymously. You need to purchase a card first - its service is not free. But it is not so expensive. After you have purchased the AstroPay card, go back to the Lotto247 account replenishment page:

  1. Choose AstroPay as a payment system;
  2. Enter the required amount and make the payment following the instructions of the website.

Remember that you can also make a deposit by Lotto247 app, and this will not differ from paying through the official website. Make deposits without any problems - in just a few minutes they will be credited to your online casino account.

FAQ Lotto247 App

Lotto247 has been operating in India since 2004.

Yes, Lotto247 has a Curacao license and it's legal.

You can download Lotto247 for Android on our website. To do this, follow the instructions in the review.

There are many different bonuses for new players, such as Registration Bonus, Discounts, Cashback, Moneyback and many others.

Hassan Shetty is a former cricket player who's been a sports journalist for the last five years.  After his career ended, Hassan Shetty has graduated in journalism and got a job in a major sports publication, where he has worked for three years.

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