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IndiBet is a platform where you can get extra income and just have fun. It offers many exciting events in the betting section, a casino games section for those who would like to get even more adrenaline, a long list of fast and convenient methods for making transaction, and an intuitive interface. These and other features are right in your hands via an IndiBet app.

indibet mobile app

This bookmaker is targeted for Asian gamers, so the Indian rupee is the most common currency in which transactions are being processed. Nonetheless, there is an alternative to use the euro, US dollar, and even USDT cryptocurrency. This feature alone makes this bookmaker very attractive.

The platform attracts not only with its convenient and popular payment methods but also a user-friendly IndiBet app. This application is available for download without any charge. Users can get it on most devices running either on an Android system or iOS.

The main plus, though, is that the activities of IndiBet are completely legal. The legal basis implies that there’s no need to worry about the platform being closed and losing all your money. There is a reliable protection of the personal data of users, it is completely excluded that they are transferred to third parties.

Overall, this online bookmaker was able to achieve great success in the two years it has existed. It has everything the user would want to see from a convenient and user-friendly platform and app to a wide selection of famous casino games and many options for sports punters.



Free mobile IndiBet app

Only English support

Legal operation

Relatively new (2020)



Several currency options

Online Casino

Live games

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How to download IndiBet App on Android

After learning about all the possibilities of the IndiBet platform, many begin looking for the IndiBet download link in the app store. This is not surprising as the app is much more convenient to use than a browser as it allows you to play games without being tied to a desk and have fun when there is free time. Other advantages include the ability to keep on playing even if the website is running slow.

download indibet app

The good news is that a mobile program has been developed. However, you will have to get it using a link provided directly by IndiBet. Nonetheless, it is fully compatible with all operating systems seen on most devices. You can also download the file to your phone without worrying about its safety if you use the link provided on the IndiBet site.

If you pick up your phone to do your online activities and find that it is more appropriate and comfortable for you, get the IndiBet app. Then, you can check out all the features of this well-known bookmaker yourself! Below, we explain how to do it in three simple steps.

How to install IndiBet App on Android

Getting the app on your phone is easy as one, two, three.

indibet apk

The user does not need to have any technical knowledge or plan for in your calendar.

  1. If you scroll the homepage all the way down, you will see the Cricket Betting App link under Resources that you need to click.
  2. On the next page, look for the IndiBet app download link. After you click the “Download” button, the process will be launched automatically.
  3. Next, you should just wait a while until the file is downloaded and installed on your device. This step does not require any active participation from the user.

Once the installation is done, all the features available via a browser can now be conveniently accessed through the app. The application is compatible with most smartphones running this system, so you should not experience any issues if you have a good internet connection and sufficient memory space on your device.

How to download IndiBet App on iOS

There is no doubt that some bettors and avid casino players use iOS devices. These users can also take advantage of the app developed by IndiBet as it is compatible with this operating system as well.

The application is not published in the app store where you would typically get all the mobile programs. However, that is not an issue. The IndiBet website provides an IndiBet apk download file that you can safely install on your phone. Moreover, it comes without any need to pay for it.

There are many advantages to having the app, but users note that the pages can load much faster than in browser mode, which is practical and convenient. There is also no need to search for the website as the app can be easily accessed right from the screen.

If you have any issues getting the IndiBet apk file, we encourage you to turn to the support team with inquiry. Although they speak only in English, they can help with many issues, including errors and issues that might arise during the game.

How to install IndiBet Mobile App on iOS

The installation on iOS devices is just as simple as on Android phones. It all starts with visiting the official IndiBet website. Then, you would go to the app downloading page. The easiest way to find it is to locate a link at the bottom of the page.

You will see multiple helpful links, but the one you need to click on is “Download now”. It is not complicated to locate as it is placed right at the top of the page. After you click the link, an IndiBet apk file will be downloaded to your device.

Depending on the setting on your particular phone or tablet, you might need to enable download from unrecognizable sources. As said before, if you get the app from the official website, there is nothing to worry about.

Once the installation is completed and you have the IndiBet app, you can proceed to creating an account and exploring this platform. If some setting were adjusted to make the installation possible, you can now reset them to the original values.

Sports Betting in IndiBet App

Modern sports cannot be imagined without betting, or rather, without betting on sports, baseball matches, events, individual athletes, and entire teams. Sports betting has existed for more than a decade, becoming an integral part of it and uniting millions of fans around the world.

The sports section is the main reason why many people get the IndiBet app. After all, there is no pure hope for luck. Only your knowledge and intuition help you make the right betting decision or forecast the outcome of various sporting events.

The choices of sports should allow you to not only find games that you are interested in but also discover new favorites. Modern technology has given players around the world an opportunity to bet on sports in Live mode. In other words, by tracking a current event, you can place your bet.

If you would like to take part in an event or game, but do not know the rules very well, the bookmaker has a very helpful feature that provides a quick overview of the rules. Simply click on the game icon right from the game’s page and the material that is applicable to that particular game will be shown right in your IndiBet app.

There is also a page dedicated to market betting rules. If you are a newcomer to the betting world, it is a valuable resource that presents all the rules in a succinct and easy-to-understand manner.

Cricket Betting

Betting apps targeted at the Indian population would not be complete without an option to place bets on the beloved sport here. IndiBet knows it and even has a separate tab for Cricketbook.

This page has a very thought-through layout, so the bettors can quickly find the games they would like to bet on without any problems. You can place bets on a specific player, for instance, or bet on the outcomes of a particular match. Information on current events and all the user’s bets is also always up to date.

Live cricket betting is conveniently added to the IndiBet app, so up to date is right in your hand. It also makes it easy to place quick bets on the go. Cricket is an incredibly difficult to grasp right away and has a lot of nuance in the rules. Thus, if you are not a cricket fan, make sure you know this game well before placing a bet unless you are an amateur bettor who just wants to try one’s luck.

Registration through the application

Becoming a member of the IndiBet is no different than it is on most other platforms. The new user would follow simple steps as described below:

  1. After you run the IndiBet apk file, you would navigate to the app and click Sign Up. You can also locate the same link in the browse.
  2. In the form that appears you need to come up with a new username and enter a password that would be protecting your account.
  3. You will also need to specify your phone. The platform gives the option to provide numbers from one of the eight countries it operates in. An SMS will be sent to confirm that it is your phone.
  4. There is another required field. It is the currency that you would like your account to operate in. there are four options, including one cryptocurrency.
  5. Users are also encouraged to add their email in case they will need to restore their account and receive other valuable information, but this field is optional.
  6. Finally, you can add a promotional code (optional) and click Register.

This is basically how you get the IndiBet app.

IndiBet Bonus

Bonuses and promotions have become an integral part of virtual betting and casino websites. IndiBet has generous offers that attract new and current users to play with this particular provider.

To check what bonuses the platform currently offers, you can visit the official website. Its Promotions page is fully dedicated to this topic. Besides currently active promotions, you can get valuable information on terms and other rules that apply to each one of them. We strongly encourage you to check those out as this will allow you to not only protect yourself but also get the offer as soon as possible.

One of the most common bonuses bookmakers offer is the welcome/registration bonus. IndiBet also has this offer both for new casino users as well as a cricket sign-up bonus. After registering through the IndiBet app or browser version of the platform, you can add funds to your account and get the first welcome bonus.

The conditions IndiBet set forth for users to get the other bonuses differ, so check what you need to do to take advantage of a promotion you are interested in. Typically, you have to wager the whole bonus before you would be able to withdraw it.

How to make the first deposit

The participation in any of the activities offered by the IndiBet provider if you do not have any funds in your account. Thus, the first step after the completion of IndiBet apk file installation and authorization is to make a deposit. Simply click on the Deposit button and choose how you would like to do the transaction.

To ensure that its users can start playing as soon as possible, IndiBet not only processes payments instantly, so the funds are added to the account right away, but also offers multiple payment options. Since this online provider is mainly used by the Indian population, the approved deposit methods are also customized to ensure that all the favorite alternatives are present.

Next, you need to type in an account number and other applicable information, including the sum you would like to deposit, and click the Pay button to approve the transaction. You should see your balance go up and can start having fun, making some money along the way, on the IndiBet.

FAQ IndiBet App

The Indibet brand was up and running since 2020, which makes it a relatively new player in this competitive industry.

A Curaçao eGaming license is a sure sign that this is a legal platform. According to IndiBet, it takes safety and a fair gaming experience responsibly.

No matter what type of device you own, you can get the app without having to pay anything. The official website has a link to the IndiBet apk file that will add the app to your phone, tablet, etc.

Over ten active offers can be found on the website. These include bonuses awarded to new users, daily and monthly jackpots, and other promotions.

Hassan Shetty is a former cricket player who's been a sports journalist for the last five years.  After his career ended, Hassan Shetty has graduated in journalism and got a job in a major sports publication, where he has worked for three years.

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