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Becric is a gambling site is well-liked in India. The location of the head office is in Asia. The firm is regulated by the rules of each state of the country and acts in accordance with all government regulations on gambling. Besides, it has passed all safety and privacy checks and has a Philippine license. Because of all this, the Becric app is a safe and legal bookmaker.

becric mobile app

Launch the Becric app for the first time will show you an interesting animation of how the camera passes through some kind of tunnel, in the center is the name of the app, Registration and Login buttons at the bottom, or you are also allowed to use it as a guest, by clicking the button. The application itself has a very simple and nice interface.

On the bottom menu, there are 5 tabs: Home, Support, Forums, Promo, Me.

The Home tab contains news and offers block, Hot Matches, deposit button. Below are some sections including Live Casino, Sports, Rummy, Win Go, Casino, Games. The left menu shows a picture of your profile and nickname, Daily Check-in, and your Referral link, below is Profile, Transactions, Notifications, Settings, Affiliate, Forum, About Us.

If you got a bit of a problem, the support service is always ready to offer you an assistance on the Support tab in the live chat, send them an email, or check FAQs. In addition, there are their social networks.

The forum tab contains each of users’ posts, becric news. You as well can make posts here. To look for different promos, check the Promo tab. All your profile information is displayed in the Me tab.

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How to download Becric App on Android

Just like almost each gambling site, the Becric app possesses an uncomplicated procedure of getting. The possibility of you coming into any trouble with the Becric apk download is low. The procedure itself is at no cost and clear and does not cause problems with your gadget. The Becric apk is on our page in the special Becric download section.

download becric app

You are possible to cause some difficulties downloading the bookmaker platform, but it is not really that hard situation and uncomplicated to find a solution. Quite a popular problem for many is the browser prohibits downloading a file. Act in accordance with these steps to fix this:

  1. Open your phone settings;
  2. Find any setting that contains Privacy in the name;
  3. Find Special permissions;
  4. Click Install unknown apps;
  5. Choose your browser;
  6. Tap Allow from this source.

Execution of the instruction is not guarantee success. Besides that problem, there is possibility to be one more. The browser shows the message about possible harmful consequences the app may cause. Do not concentrate on it and keep up, everything is fine if you use trusted sources as our website.

How to install Becric App on Android

It is half of the deal before operating with the bookie platform, since getting the Becric apk is not enough. One more step is required prior to freely operating with the platform.

becric apk

It is an installation. Besides getting the Becric apk to your device, you also must install it. Inspect the folder with downloads for the bookmaker apk file and run it, at that time the loading will initiate. Wait for it up to finish and you can working with it for free.

If you do not see anything similar to the Becric apk, you ought to look in the browser. Tap three-dots, then Downloads. There you will see every downloaded file, find the Becric apk, most probable it is the first one, open it. At the time the loading finishes, you will see that. Now you can open the app right in the installation window or open it from your phone screen.

How to download Becric App on iOS

The iOS system has a little easier process of getting the Becric app than on Android. In fact, iOS has less action. Because it does not need apk files.

We insist on using the original Becric app, with it you will not cause trouble with your device at all. Get the harmless, original bookmaker apk in the Becric app download section on our page. To have success with downloading the app, check if your phone memory has enough space free, ensure your phone is without bugs and errors. There have not to be interruptions in the procedure.

Initiate the loading process of the app and wait until it is up, if your gadget is in good condition, the procedure will take a few seconds. If it lasts longer, just wait a bit.

How to install Becric App on iPhone

If you did not get any problems while getting the Becric app to your system, then you can proceed with its installation. For this, you do not really need to do anything, after the app is on your device wait until the process begins automatically. Almost every iOS system begins the process by itself, but if your device does not do this, then this means some problems during it.

You can try a few ways to solve this situation. The first one is reboot the gadget and do all the steps again. The second is deleting the app and doing everything from the beginning.

The probability of getting into trouble is not that high, so do not panic. Even so, if you are not very lucky, the problems are uncomplicated to solve.

Sports Betting

The possibility for sport betting is one of the main parts of the Becric or any other betting apps. All sports are located in the Becric Sports section on the Home tab. It is possible to watch and place bets on 30 different sports, including e-sports such as Counter-Strike, LoL, Dota 2, Call of Duty, etc. In the Becric app the most favorite sports are Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis. They are displayed at the top of the page.

Just below 3 tabs Live, Upcoming, Highlights. On the Live tab, you can see all matches taking place right now in different sports. On the Upcoming tab, you can see matches that will start today or tomorrow. On the Highlight tab, you can observe the most interesting events this day. In Live and Upcoming tabs, you can select the League you want to see playing, and choose what kind of betting you will use.

The match block contains if the game is international or the country names if the match is local. Next to it is the name of the league. Below this is located team or country name, and next to it is the score of each of them. You can hide any match by clicking on the arrow pointing upwards. The odds for each result are displayed on the right side of the block. Below them are icons of the playing field and levels data. If you click on the playing field icon or any team name you will see more detailed match info. If you click on the data levels icon you will see the most detailed information about the match.

Cricket Betting

The Becric app has enough sports for watching and betting, so almost any fan of some sport can find something interesting for them here. Cricket is no exception. And even more, cricket is pretty well-liked in this app.

Like all other sports, you can detect cricket in the Becric Sport. And like any other sport, in cricket, you can see what type of game is, an International or local country; the names of countries or teams who are playing; the score; and the odds. You also can see detailed match information if you tap the names or playing field icon below the odds. And, you can see maximum details match info, if you tap the data levels icon.

The detailed information contains the players' names, an animation that shows what is going on in the game right now and who is moving now. On the scoreboard, you can see all the players and their points. You can check the statistic of the match or each player. Head-to-head information. Lineups for each team.

There are several markets for odds such as Main Markets, Match, Delivery, and Over. And types of odds like Draw No Bet, Well There Be A Tie, 1st innings Over 25 and etc. If you want to place a bet, you can select several odds for betting at the same time. Click on the ticket icon on the bottom and there you will see all the bets you have selected. There you can select stake, delete a bet, see the Total Potential Payout. On the Me Bets tab, you can view all your open bets right now or your betting history.

Registration in the App

Registration is required to gain full access to the platform. When you are registered you can freely place bets, chat on the forums, deposits funds, withdraw your winning.

You can find the Sing Up button in the 3 different ways. On the Home tab, on the Me tab, and in the left menu.

Once you find it, you can begin registration. All data you need to use to begin are just your phone number and any password you want. When the phone number and password are filled in, you need to click the I’m not robot button to be verified. When the app knows you are not a robot you will get an SMS code. And then, you can freely use the Becric app and use your phone number as a Becric login.

Becric Bonuses

All currently available promotions are displayed in the promo tab. Every Term and Condition of the promotions can be found on the page of each promotion.

Besides the default promotions, there are bonuses from leagues. They change frequently, so you can often use some of them.

Registration bonus. When your registration is done you can claim a 100 Indian rupee bonus. It is difficult to get money; you just need to fill out the information in your profile.



Enter your nickname

Rs 10

Enter your name

Rs 20

Enter your bank details

Rs 70

100% welcome bonus. You can double your deposit with this bonus but no more than 5,000 Rs.

120% casino bonus. You can get 120% up to 5,000 Rs to your account balance on the first deposit.

Free Daily Bonus Rs. According to your VIP level you able to claim everyday bonus 0-10 VIP levels get 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 150, 200, 500, 800, 1500, 3000 Rs. Only active players can claim daily rewards.

Weekly 10% Sports Cashback. Every Monday you are allowed to claim cashback that is calculated from your net loss in Becric Sports. Min and Max bonuses are 10 and 50,000 Rs.

How to make a first deposit

When you have learned enough about Becric; how to register, and know each of the available bonuses, then it is time to make the first deposit. Becric app provides enough deposit methods; Visa, PayPal, more other popular methods. Almost every popular bookmaker uses the same.

Depositing is easy, follow these steps:

  1. Find and click the Deposit button;
  2. Choose the payment method;
  3. Select how much funds you need;
  4. Select some promo;
  5. Confirm.

Each method has a minimal amount of funds for a deposit, it is 500 Rs. The maximum possible amount for a deposit is different in each method. You get the funds on your account without delay and without commission charged.

Each method is allowed for withdrawing all your winnings. But the preference for choosing to withdraw method you must give to the same payment method that you used to make a deposit, so there would not be any questions.

FAQ Becric App

It has been working for more than 9 years.

Of course, absolutely legal. The bookmaker licensed under Philippine Gaming and Entertainment Corporation

Yes, you can. The product is available for each system at no cost.

The platform provides numerous bonuses for newcomers. For example, a bonus of 100 Rs. or the opportunity to receive double funds on your first deposit. In addition, sometimes there are different leagues bonuses that change frequently.

Hassan Shetty is a former cricket player who's been a sports journalist for the last five years.  After his career ended, Hassan Shetty has graduated in journalism and got a job in a major sports publication, where he has worked for three years.

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