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1Win is a young bookmaker who very soon became popular internationally. It was founded in 2016 under a different name. But in 2018, there was a reorganization. The bookmaker has received a license from Curacao, and now it's called by its current name - 1Win.

The main direction of the bookmaker is online betting. That is why he works only on the Internet, and he does not have betting points. 1Win has an official website, both on the computer and on the mobile version. Bookmaker also has its own mobile app called 1Win app.

1win mobile app

The app is very common among users and attracts their attention. We decided to find out why, and therefore decided to do a review on it.

Its assessment will be based on three criteria:

  • Comfortable
  • Design
  • Functional

1Win app fully contains all the functions as the official website, only in a more convenient format. Now you do not need to go to the browser and search for the right one among the icons. Everything is available in the app in a simplified format. There is no particular difficulty in finding the right option among many others.

The design of the app is made in the same style. The original logo of the company is located in the upper left corner, and the combination of white, blue and black colors is pleasing to the eye. All icons are drawn, and the rows with buttons are harmoniously arranged. There is no impression of app being fully loaded with pictures and text.

In terms of functionality, app is the same as official website. A personal account, balance replenishment, and betting on different sports are available here. There is also an opportunity to watch live broadcasts in the app, so its functionality for player is undeniable.

Below are the technical specifications.

File size

No more than 100 MB


English, Chinese, and +18 languages

Supported OS

Android, iOS




Android version 4.0+

iOS version 12.2+

Availability on Google play


Availability on App Store


Summing up our review, we believe that the app really deserves its popularity among users of betting services. Bookmaker has just started to develop, but we can already see significant progress in this business. 1Win is constantly introducing something new and working to eliminate flaws in the system in order to provide its players with the greatest comfort and luck.

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How to download 1Win App on Android

Downloading 1Win APK on Android seems difficult at first glance, since the app is not available on Google Play.

download 1win app

But in fact, it's not difficult, it only requires our website and following a simple instruction:

  1. Go to the tab of apps available for download on the site
  2. Find 1Win
  3. Click and go to the 1Win APK download page for Android
  4. Done! 1Win APK downloaded, now you can install.

How to install 1Win App on Android

1Win APK is downloaded, and there are problems with 1Win APK installation? Users from time to time encounter an error installing apps on Android.

1win apk

All because installation from unknown sources may be prohibited on the smartphone. To remove this problem, you need to:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Depending on the Android version, find the Allow installation from unknown sources option in the Applications or Special Settings tab
  3. Confirm permission
  4. Find 1Win APK, click on it and install
  5. Done!

How to download 1Win Mobile App on iOS

Unfortunately, the app is also unavailable in the App Store, so we have to resort to effective methods. The instructions for downloading 1Win app on iOS are similar to Android, except for one small detail: you need to choose the iOS operating system:

  1. Find 1Win app download in the list of apps on the site
  2. Click on 1Win and go to the download page for iOS
  3. It remains to wait just a few seconds, and the app will be downloaded to your device.

How to install 1Win Mobile App on iOS

When installing the 1Win app in the same way as on the Android platform, problems may arise. The problem is similar, only on iOS it's called differently, like Untrusted Interprise Developer. To eliminate it, you need to do a little more than on Android OS:

  1. To fix the problem, first you need to find out the name of the app developer. To do this, click on the app, you will see the name
  2. Then, open Settings and click on the General icon
  3. Find Profiles & Device Management
  4. Find the developer's name in the list and click on it. Verify and confirm
  5. Done! Now you can use app.

Sports Betting in 1Win App

Players appreciate the 1Win bookmaker for the variety of sports available for betting.

In the sports betting section, you can find a lot of different classic sports, such as football, basketball, water polo, hockey and others. Especially interesting are bets on car racing of several types at once: regular motorsport, Indie racing, Stock Car racing. Cricket, tennis, badminton, and American football are especially popular. There are also bets on different types of martial arts, such as boxing, karate, judo and others.

There is also a new esports section in 1Win, where users can bet on any match from the proposed video games, whether it's the famous Overwatch or Counter Strike. The young bookmaker focuses on the developing direction of cybersports, which attracts most of his players. Virtual sports, it seems, will soon replace real ones, because simulator of horse racing and dog racing are available for betting. In any case, as statistics show, cybersport turns out to be no worse than real sports.

The 1Win app, like the other betting apps of our reviews, has many betting-related modes. For example, a special Live mode allows you to monitor the progress of the game in the application and place bets at the same time. There is also an Express betting function that allows you to quickly and conveniently place a bet on the player with the highest coefficient increase. Margin rarely increases to 11%, mostly it is in the range of 4-5%, which is a very good indicator for a bookmaker.

We can definitely say that 1Win provides favorable conditions for sports betting, so the bookmaker is chosen by players from all over the world - they know about it even in those countries to which the license doesn't apply. In the future, the bookmaker company plans to expand its access and be legal for many countries of the world, so that as many players as possible have the opportunity to develop in the direction of sports betting on 1Win

Cricket Betting

Since most of the audience of 1Win is India, they do not forget about their Indian players. Cricket, a popular sport in India, is developing almost on a par with esports. 1Win India is more than an ordinary bookmaker. The policy of 1Win India is constantly changing to suit the interests of its players. Such special offers attract more and more players who are developing the bookmaker very well in the direction of revered cricket in India.

For example, the administration of the bookmaker makes sure that Indian users know in advance about upcoming major matches, their prices and odds. Before major matches, deals become more profitable, special thematic bonuses are introduced, allowing you to earn more on cricket.

In the 1Win app, users are given the opportunity to watch matches live. From time to time, 1Win prepares special betting bonuses only for this sport.

The bookmaker pays full attention to cricket and the players betting on it. Therefore, it is very profitable for Indian users to play 1Win. For special fans of this sport, 1Win has its own reward, because any active player betting on cricket can get into the leaderboard and receive valuable bonus prizes.

1Win Registration

Registering with 1Win is very easy. The easiest way to do this is through his application. In total, there are several ways of registration, among which one can distinguish:

  • Registration in one click
  • By mobile phone
  • By social media account
  • By Email

To register in one click, it's enough to select a country and a supported currency. You don't need to enter anything else, but you will then be asked to confirm your account by linking to Facebook or Email.

Registration in 1Win app by mobile phone is very simple. The number is required to link to the account. You need to enter the number and specify the code sent to you in the field.

Registration by account in social networks and by email is similar. In the first case, a link is made to a social network, in the second case, a link to the mail. All bindings serve 1Win login required for authorization. Which of these is more reliable is up to the user of the service himself.

But regardless of the registration method, the registration itself will not be completed until your personal data is verified. You must have reached the age of majority in your country to fully use the service.

Bonus on First Deposit

The bookmaker has a developed bonus system that gives benefits to any player and makes it easy to multiply your winnings.

1Win app has a lot of bonuses, among which there are seasonal, festive or event-related ones. But we will look at the most basic types of bonuses that can be received by any player regardless of time:

  • Bonus upon registration. Upon registration, the user receives 100 bonus dollars, for which he can make trial bets. This warns newcomers in advance of possible mistakes and introduces them to the rules of the game.
  • First deposit bonus. Players have the opportunity to get as much as 500% on deposits. The first deposit is charged 200%, the second 150%, the third 100% and the fourth 50%. By making only 4 deposits, the player can significantly increase his balance.
  • Leaderboard. This bonus is given to the most active 1Win players. There are daily and weekly leaderboard tournaments. If you take the first place in the tournament, a bonus calculated from the bet amount * bet coefficient formula will be credited to your balance.
  • Express bonus. The express bonus is credited to express bets in which you need to guess events. If the player guessed 5 events, the winnings increase by 7%, guessed 6 events, the winnings increase by 8%, and so on. If you are lucky and guess all 11 events, you have a chance to get as much as 15% to win.

There are other bonuses, such as, for example, cashback up to 30% at the casino аnd a bonus for winning games from TVBET. And most players are familiar with these bonuses, so many choose this bookmaker.

How to make a deposit

1Win doesn't have many payment systems, since the bookmaker was founded recently, but all of them will be convenient not only for specific countries, but also for the whole world.

Here are the most popular payment systems among 1Win app users and the minimum thresholds for a deposit. We'll talk about them and tell you how to make a deposit on 1Win.

Payment system















Visa/MasterCard and Bitcoin are international payment systems convenient for a citizen of any country. They have a higher deposit threshold compared to other payment systems, which makes them comfortable payment methods. They have no commission, and the processing time of the deposit application passes instantly.

Like a Visa/Mastercard and Bitcoin, UPI and PhonePe payment systems have no commission and the time of receipt of money to the account passes instantly. But these payment systems are relevant for India. Now Indian players can easily and conveniently replenish their wallet balance in the 1Win app.

How to make a deposit? It is very easy to make it. The instructions for all payment systems are the same, and do not require any effort:

  1. First you need to log in to your 1Win account
  2. Find the Deposit button in the main menu or personal account opposite the balance icon. Click on it
  3. Choose any payment method you like, click on it, enter the necessary data and specify the required amount
  4. Confirm the transfer of funds. The money will be credited to your balance. In very rare cases, the money may not be immediately credited to the balance due to technical work
  5. Done!

Now that you have learned how to make a deposit, you can easily bet on sports in 1Win.

FAQ 1Win App

1Win has been operating in India since 2018, at the time of obtaining the Curacao license.

Yes, 1Win is legal in India, but in some countries it's not legal.

Yes, you can download the app for Android or iOS for free on our website.

The bookmaker offers many bonuses, among which there are bonuses for registration, a 500% deposit bonus and for winning leaderboard tournaments.

Hassan Shetty is a former cricket player who's been a sports journalist for the last five years.  After his career ended, Hassan Shetty has graduated in journalism and got a job in a major sports publication, where he has worked for three years.

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